Rio de Janeiro


A protester displays a sign which reads 'Shield Against Lies' during mass protests in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The ´Batalhão de Choque´ Riot Police open fire during protests against corruption in downtown Rio de Janeiro.
Frightened protesters shelter around a military police car as the ´Batalhão de Choque´ Riot Police´ pass close by in Rio de Janeiro.
Children Play in the Sea on Leme beach in Rio de Janeiro.
Young Men Play Football in Niteroi with horizon of Rio de Janeiro in the background.
Brazilian Fans Celebrate a Goal during the 2014 World Cup in the Alzirão neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro.
Young Man and Girl on Moped drive through a Street Party in Santa Teresa Neighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro, 2016.
Candomblé worshippers give praise to Orisha, 'Queen of the Sea', in Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, 2016.
Candomblé Ceremony on New Year's Eve, Rio de Janeiro.
Celebrating New Year's Eve in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Giant Fish made from Plastic Bottles on Botafogo Beach during Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro.
Rocinha is the largest Hill-Favela in South America. Rio de Janeiro.
Barber's shop in Front Room of House, Rocinha Favela, Rio de Janeiro.
Young Man with Child in Cantagalo Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Salon room through polythene window at private party in Rio de Janeiro, 2016.
Angelic Float in Sambadrome during Carnival, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening Float of Mangueira Samba School, Carnival, Rio de Janeiro
Orquestra Voadora at Aterro do Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro.
The irreverent Banda de Ipanema street carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
Detail of Performer with Unidos de Tijuca Samba School, Carnival, Rio de Janeiro.
Beneath the Arches, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, 2016.
Members of the Political Party PT celebrate Ex-President Lula's speech in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, 11th of April, 2016.
View over Cacti in the bay of Urca to the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.
Corcovado Mountain from Morro da Urca, Rio de Janeiro.
Arpoador Sunset, Rio de Janeiro.
Bay of Guanabara at sunrise from Dona Marta Hill, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Peter M. Wilson

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